History of Company

10 / 1990 The businessmen Erhard Schminke and Detlef Sonne resolve to found a knitwear factory. Schminke, familiar with the knitting industry and financier Sonne would like to realize their entrepreneurial aims by producing knitwear.
06 / 1991 Foundations of the company "Dingelstädter Strick GmbH" in the Thuringian "Dingelstädt". Because of the nearness to the former stronghold of the German knitting industry (Apolda / Mulhouse) numerous professional forces are available.
07 / 1991
Beginning of building the new production plant.
07 / 1992
After starting the production in the new manufacturing plants with 16 employees, 1992 the first own collection is already finished to the season autumn/winter.
06 / 1996
Building of another manufacture hall (2nd phase of construction). Knitting and manufacture is considerably expanded with 70 employees.
02 / 1997
After a successful final degree as textile engineer (textile technology / knitting - weaving) at the FH-Reutlingen, Ingo Schminke joins the family business.
06 / 1997
In the course of the production plants expanded in 1996 the flax knitting division is considerably extended and modernised
02 / 1999
Start of the distribution of pullovers in one piece (without seams). Ingo Schminke develops the technology as well as the suitable knitting machine "Stoll Knit & Wear" within the scope of his diploma. The worldwide patent makes this knitting technology unique!
07 / 2000
Enlargement of the production plants (3rd phase of construction) for a larger receipt of goods (thread storage). In the meantime, 90 employees working in knitting and manufacture.
12 / 2004
Modernisation of the flax knitting division by the purchase of two "Steiger Vesta-Multi".
05 / 2006 Enlargement of the manufacturing plants (4th phase of construction) for a larger warehouse (dispatch). 100 employees are now working in different shifts for the company.
01 / 2007 Within the scope of the CPD in Dusseldorf a space (room 1 036) is rented in the Fashion House for the permanent presentation of the new collections. During the fairs (see "exhibitions & dates") we are available any time for a counselling interview and are looking forward to your visit.