The companions, the "Knit-Family" Schminke and the financier and tax expert Sonne, hail both from the "Weserbergland"  and already worked together as a confidently team at the "BODE Group". Shortly after the German reunification they decided to found "Dingelstädter Strick GmbH", short "DiStrick". The company’s head office was from the beginning located in Dingelstädt. Before 1989, this small town was beside Mulhouse and Apolda a center of the German knitting industry (10,000 employees).

Professional experience of 30 years in the knitting industry of the father Erhard Schminke, the new ideas of the son Ingo (qualified engineer FH Reutlingen), the inspiration and creativity of the mother Ingrid (designer) and the professional competence of the tax expert Detlef Sonne were united to a constantly successful company.

Nearly all new employees already had the best professional experience and were highly motivated by the courageous company foundation to continue Dingelstädt as a location of the knitting industry. The management is supported by the two authorised managers Ingrid Seele (qualified engineer FH Ilmenau / design and production management manufacture) and the very much involved Petra Glanz (design and management).